Effect of Marketing Contacts in B2B Markets
October 01, 2008
DMEF Conference, Las Vegas, NV San Diego, CA
Emerging Frontiers in Marketing Research
August 01, 2008
Discussant, AMA Summer Marketing Educators' Conference Emerging Frontiers in Marketing Research, San Diego, CA
Collaborating Research and Teaching with Companies
August 01, 2008
AMA Summer Marketing Educators' Conference, San Diego, CA
Assessing the Effect of Marketing Contacts on Strength of the Customer Relationship: A Hidden Markov Modeling Approach
August 01, 2008
ISBM Academic Conference, San Diego, CA
The Future of Marketing Strategy
August 01, 2008
AMA Summer Educators' Conference, Pre-Conference Program, Washington, DC
A Hidden Markov Model Approach for Resource Allocation in B2B Markets
October 01, 2008
Distinguished Visitor Speaker Session, Drexel University Philadelphia, PA
Targeting B2B Buyers
October 01, 2008
Erin Anderson Conference, The Wharton School Philadelphia, PA
Influence of Interactive Marketing on Building a Profitable Brand & Customer Management Strategy
October 01, 2008
DMEF Conference - Keynote Speech, Las Vegas, NV
Metrics that Connect Customers and Offerings
September 01, 2008
Marketing Science Institute Conference on Mark, Dallas, TX
Impact of Customer Referrals on Profitability
February 01, 2008
Customer Reference Forum, Berkeley, CA
Can Marketing Be Made Both Accountable and Profitable?
February 01, 2008
Global Marketing Submit, Myrtle Beach, SC
Brand is Dead. Long Live the Brand
February 01, 2008
Confederation of Indian Industries Brand Summit Conference, Hyderabad, India
Implement Cutting-Edge Marketing Strategies For Maximizing Company’s Growth and Profitability
January 01, 2008
Leadership, Innovation and Growth Program, General Electric, New Delhi, India