International Marketing

Global Customer Engagement
Published: 2018
Published In: Journal of International Marketing
Volume: 26   Issue: 1   Pages: 4-29
Multinational Diffusion Models: An Alternative Framework
Published: 2002
Published In: Marketing Science
Volume: 21   Issue: 3   Pages: 318-330
An Interactive Multi-criteria Approach to Identifying Potential Foreign Markets
Published: 1994
Published In: Journal of International Marketing
Volume: 2   Issue: 1   Pages: 29-52
  • Abstract:
    • Abstract
    • The authors address the issue of portfolio management in the context of an international marketing problem. Screening, identification, and selection characterize the three stages in the evaluation of potential foreign markets. The proposed methodology is used for identifying potential foreign markets. This article contributes to the existing literature in four ways: (a) it integrates the past research on international market evaluation into a comprehensive framework, (b) it fills a gap in this area, by offering a flexible, cost efficient methodology that is easy to comprehend and adopt, (c) it simultaneously considers the objectives of the firm, its resource constraints, and expansion strategies while identifying potential foreign markets, and (d) it introduces a multicriteria methodology for solving problems of multiobjective decision models, to the international marketing managers.