Editors' Perspectives: V. Kumar on the Journal of Marketing 2

V. Kumar, Journal of Marketing
V. Kumar, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Marketing,
shared his advice on getting published and reacting to reviewer feedback along with other insights during Winter AMA 2016 in Las Vegas.

  1. What does publishing an impactful paper mean to you?

The short answer to this question is that JM articles should have actionable managerial implications. Irrespective of the focal area of the article or the type of methodology used, articles published in JM typically are rigorous and have meaningful, generalizable, and managerially relevant implications. With regard to the domains of knowledge, all articles published in JM can be broadly classified into marketing management and strategy (MM&S) or consumer behavior (CB). The articles can be classified in to one of the following three groups: conceptual, empirical, and review focus. I believe that the marketing community will be better served if we adopt a rigor and relevance approach as opposed to a rigor versus relevance approach.