Data Sets MR10

Case Data

The README.TXT file is located in the \CASEDAT subdirectory and contains information on the format of the data for the cases to accompany MARKETING RESEARCH. There are 8 data files in this subdirectory in addition to the README.TXT file. All the files in the subdirectory are ASCII text files which pertain to four cases from the text: PG&E(B), New Food, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and Pepsi Cola. Various formats have been used for the data in each case to facilitate their use with different languages (Fortran) or different software packages (Minitab, SPSS,Minitab). You may choose the format best suited to you.

Export Data

The file contains the following variables:


Will = y1

Govt = y2

Train = x5

Size = x1

Exp = x6

Rev = x2 (Thousand of Dollars)

Years = x3

Prod = x4

Note1: export.sav (SPSS version of export data) can be opened with SPSS Student or Professional version of the software.

Note2: This data set contains the full 120 observations. The data set in the text book is an abbreviated version containing 60 observations.

Note3: If you are using Internet Explorer, you may click on the link above directly. Netscape Navigator users may have to right click on the link and save the target file into their hard disk and then open.