table of contents crm 2

  • Section 1 : CRM: Conceptual Foundation
    Chapter 1: Strategic Customer Relationship Management Today


    Chapter 2: Relationship Marketing and the Concept of Customer Value

  • Section 2: Implementation of Database Marketing
    Chapter 3: Strategic CRM


    Chapter 4: Implementing the CRM Strategy

  • Section 3: Analytical CRM
    Chapter 5: Customer Analytics Part I


    Chapter 6: Customer Analytics Part II

    Chapter 7: Data Mining

    Chapter 8: Using Databases

  • Section 4: Operational CRM
    Chapter 9: Software Tools and Dashboards


    Chapter 10: Loyalty Programs: Design and Effectiveness

    Chapter 11: Campaign Management

    Chapter 12: Impact on CRM on Marketing Channels

    Chapter 13: Customer Relationship Management Issues in the Business-to-Business Context

    Chapter 14: Customer Privacy Concerns and Privacy Protective Responses

  • Section 5: Advances in CRM Applications
    Chapter 15: Applications of CRM in B2B and B2C Scenarios (Part I)


    Chapter 16: Applications of CRM in B2B and B2C Scenarios (Part II)

    Chapter 17: Future of CRM

  • Index