table of contents emr 1

  • Part 1: The Nature and Scope of Marketing Research
    Chapter 1: A Decision-Making Perspective On Marketing Research


    Chapter 2: Marketing Research in Practice

    Chapter 3: The Marketing Research Process

    Chapter 4: Research Design and Implementation

  • Part 2: Data Collection

    Section A : Secondary and Exploratory Research

    Chapter 5: Secondary Sources of Marketing Data

    Chapter 6: Standardized Sources of Marketing Data

    Chapter 7: Marketing Research on the Internet

    Chapter 8: Information Collection: Qualitative and Observational Methods

    Section B : Descriptive Research

    Chapter 9: Information from Respondents: Issues in Data Collection

    Chapter 10: Attitude Measurement

    Chapter 11: Designing the Questionnaire

    Section C : Causal Research

    Chapter 12: Experimentation

    Section D : Sampling

    Chapter 13: Sampling Fundamentals

  • Part 3: Data Analysis
    Chapter 14: Fundamentals of Data Analysis


    Chapter 15: Hypothesis Testing: Basic Concepts and Tests of Associations

    Chapter 16: Hypothesis Testing: Means and Proportions

    Chapter 17: Correlation Analysis and Regression Analysis

  • Part 4: Application
    Chapter 18: Presenting the Results


    Chapter 19: Applications of Marketing Research

  • Appendix: Tables
    A-1. Standard Normal Probabilities


    A-2. X2 Critical Points

    A-3. F Critical Points

    A-4. t Critical Points

  • Glossary
  • Index