Marketing Readings MR12

Marketing Reading MR 12 Internet-Based Marketing Readings How To Kick Off An Innovation Project (Business Week 06/24/2009) IDEO and the Power of Design (Business Week 05/17/04) Information Overload (CRM Magazine Dec/2009) Listen Up! (Fast Company May’00) Market Research on the Cheap (Business Week 01/09/2008) New Thinking About Consumer Marketing (Business Week 06/29/2009) The Hard Sell: […]

Marketing Research Site MR12

Marketing research site MR 12 Quirks Marketing Research Review Interesting discussion forum Ilinois State University Library resources detailing steps in researching a company and the sources of information available to do so. A bit basic, but a great starting point for undergraduates

Authors MR12

AUTHORs MR 12 David A. Aaker V. Kumar George S. Day Robert P. Leone


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