Teaching Materials Excerpt SMCRM


Table of Contents SMCRM   Chapter 1: Customer Relationship Management Chapter 2: CRM in action Chapter 3: Customer Acquisition Chapter 4: Customer Retention Chapter 5: Balancing Acquisition and Retention Chapter 6: Customer Churn Chapter 7: Customer Win-back Chapter 8: Implementing CRM Models Chapter 9: The Future of CRM


TUTORIALS   The Practice of International Marketing ResearchSeptember 1997American Marketing Association Houston Chapter’s Workshop Houston, TX Advances in Marketing ResearchJune 1996Lecture given at the 1996 American Marketing Association’s Workshop San Diego, CA Marketing Segmentation and Target Marketing                                      […]


WORKING PAPER Understanding the Structural Characteristics of a firm’s whole buyer-supplier network and its impact on International Business Performance Modeling Emerging Market Firms’ Competitive Price and Retail Distribution Strategies Driving the Growth of M-Wallets in Emerging Markets: A Retailer’s Perspective Getting More Likes: The Impact of narrative Person and Brand Image on Customer-brand Interactions


INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTANTS IMA Using Customer Lifetime Value for Acquiring, Retaining and Winning Back Profitable Customers 2009 Published In: IMA Executive Summary Report


WEBINAR Managing Customers for Profit November 2008 Siperian Webinar   Building a Profitable Brand & Customer Management Strategy in the B2B World November 2008 IPSS Pro-Seminar Smeal College of Business, Penn State State College, PA


RESEARCH INTEREST Developing Insights for International Business Innovation Effects of Multinational Enterprises Strategies to Enhance Customer Engagement Customer Loyalty in a Multichannel Shopping Environment The Impact of E-Commerce and M-Commerce on Consumer Choice Process Global Diffusion Models and Marketing Mix Diffusion Models Analyzing the Effect of Promotional Variables on Market Share Models, Brand Choice Process […]